The LOEWE project Software-Factory 4.0 (SF4.0) is funded by the German State of Hesse. SF4.0 is concerned with the adaptation of legacy software due to changed requirements and technical advances. The project strives to achieve this adaptation in an automated fashion. The main focus is on three topics: more flexible software systems in the context of the application area "Industrie 4.0", the parallelization of existing software in the context of "High Performance Computing" (HPC), and simplification of the re-engineering in both areas.

You can find a full description of the project, including all part projects, on the project webpage.


Application process is now open!

We are currently looking for Ph.D. candidates in the SF 4.0 project. You can find details on the application process and requirements on the SF 4.0 open position webpage.

Our chair is also actively looking for Ph.D. candidates and PostDocs in the area of security and concurrency with formal methods. You can find more information about these positions on our internal position webpage.

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