Talk: Flexible Scheduler-Independent Security

Henning Sudbrock
Time and Place:
Monday, June 7th, Building S2-02, Room E302


In this talk, we present an approach to certify the information flow
security of multi-threaded programs independently from the scheduling
algorithm.  A scheduler-independent verification is desirable because
the scheduler is part of the runtime environment and, hence, usually
not known when a program is analyzed. Unlike for other system
properties, it is not straightforward to achieve scheduler
independence when verifying information flow security, and the
existing independence results are very restrictive.  We will show how
some of these restrictions can be overcome. The key insight in our
development of a novel scheduler-independent information flow property
was the identification of a suitable class of schedulers that covers
the most relevant schedulers.  In the talk, we present our novel
security property together with a scheduler independence result and a
provably sound program analysis.
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