Open Positions for Ph.D. Candidates and for Postdocs/Senior Researchers

The following positions are available immediately, and applications will be taken into account until the positions have been filled:

  • Formal Modeling and Tool-Supported Verification (Ph.D. candidate or Postdoc or Senior Researcher)
  • Static Side-Channel Analysis and Mitigation (Ph.D. candidate or Postdoc)
  • Efficient and Reliable Run-Time Monitoring and Enforcement (Ph.D. candidate)
  • Modularizing Semantic-Based Program Analyses (Ph.D. candidate)

In addition to positions in 3rd-party-funded research projects, we usually have financial flexibility to create additional positions on other research topics within our interests. In case you already have a research agenda and see a clear connection to our research interests, please feel invited to submit an application describing what research topic you have in mind. The more senior you are, the more elaborate the description of this research project should be. In your proposal, you should clearly indicate connections to our research topics and to publications by us.

For candidates with a Ph.D. and a strong publication record, there also is a possibility to apply for a position based on seed-funding for up to 1 year with a clear intention to apply for a new 3rd-party-funded research project that funds a continuation.

What we offer

Expected Skills and Experiences

Formal Prerequisites

How To Apply

The Environment

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