Position on Verification of Concurrent Systems (Ph.D. or PostDoc/Senior Researcher)


Modular reasoning is key to reducing the conceptual complexity of verifying practically relevant programs. Instead of reasoning about a program as a whole, one verifies properties of individual program components and then exploits them to derive properties of the entire program using compositionality results. Research on compositional reasoning aims at increasing efficiency while ensuring soundness and high precision.

The Position

In this position, you would develop novel solutions for modular reasoning about concurrent programs. Your research could either be on the formal side, focusing on formally defined models and formal verification, or on the more applied side, focusing on performance models and experimental evaluations.
This position is associated with the LOEWE research focus Software-Factory 4.0.

Prior Skills and Experiences

The two possible research directions on modular verification differ in which skills are required.
  • Research on formal verification:  Prior knowledge in at least one of program analyses, formal methods, or mathematical logic is required. Competences in using theorem provers or experiences in formal modelling would be a plus.
  • Research on performance models:  Prior knowledge in at least one of performance models, experimental evaluations or statistics is required. Experiences in software development would be a plus.
For both directions you should be highly motivated to tackle challenging research problems, to produce innovative insights and tools, to strive for international visibility as a researcher, and be open minded.

Formal Prerequisites

What we offer

How To Apply

The Environment

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