New PostDoc Lorenzo Gheri - 01.10.18We welcome Lorenzo Gheri, who joined us on October 1, as a new PostDoc in our group!

New NordSec publication - 11.09.18The article "A Uniform Information-Flow-Security Benchmark Suite for Source Code and Bytecode" by Tobias Hamann, Mihai Herda, Heiko Mantel, Martin Mohr, David Schneider and Markus Tasch has been accepted for publication at NordSec 2018 (the Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems).

New Ph.D. Candidate Benjamin Richter - 03.09.18We welcome Benjamin Richter as a new Ph.D. candidate in our group!

New apprentice Leonie Behrendt - 06.08.18We welcome Leonie Behrendt as a new apprentice in the group!

Visiting researcher: Robert Sison - 15.06.18We welcome Robert Sison as a visiting researcher in our group. Robert Sison is a PhD candidate at UNSW, Sidney, Australia.

New ESORICS publication - 15.06.18The paper "How Secure is Green IT? The Case of Software-Based Energy Side Channels" by Heiko Mantel, Johannes Schickel, Alexandra Weber and Friedrich Weber has been accepted for publication at ESORICS 2018 (the European Symposium on Research in Computer Security).

New Ph.D. Candidates Florian Dewald and Thomas Höhl - 16.04.18We welcome Florian Dewald and Thomas Höhl as new Ph.D. candidates in our group.

New secretary Britta Natrup - 03.04.18We welcome Britta Natrup as a secretary in the group.

Open Position for Assistant Professorship - 22.03.18We are currently looking for an Assistant Professor in the context of Software-Factory 4.0.  Details are available at the Open Positions page.

New IFIP SEC publication - 21.03.18The paper "An Evaluation of Bucketing in Systems with Non-Deterministic Timing Behavior" by Yuri Gil Dantas, Richard Gay, Tobias Hamann and Heiko Mantel has been accepted for publication at IFIP SEC 2018 (33rd IFIP TC-11 SEC 2018 International Conference on Information Security and Privacy Protection).

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