Network Security (Seminar, SS 07)

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Organizer: Prof. Heiko Mantel

Format: Blockseminar

Course Content: 

This seminar will cover the area of network security, including topics such as

  • Cryptography for confidentiality and authentication
  • electronic-mail security 
  • IP security 
  • web security
  • firewalls

The seminar is based on a text book on network security. Each participant presents one chapter from the book and a scientific article on the same theme.


W. Stallings: "Network Security Essentials", Prentice Hall, 3rd ed, 2006.
conference and journal articles (to be announced at the introductory meeting)

Language English


Knowledge of Computer Science and Mathematics, equivalent to the first four Semesters in the Computer Science Bachelor program, in particular

  • interest in the area of network security
  • motivation to read and to discuss a book on this topic
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