Current Topics in Information Security (Seminar, Winter Term 05/06)

Description This seminar will cover selected, current topics in the area of Information Security. Possible areas are

  • access control
  • information flow control
  • language-based security
  • protocol analysis
  • security protocols
  • trust management
For each topic, we will provide a recent scientific article (published at a major security conference). Additionally, one or two articles of historic importance will be selected as background literature.
Collaboration in small groups of 2 to 3 students is possible and encouraged.

Registration Sorry, registration for this seminar is closed.

Date Blockseminar in January, February, or March. The precise date will be decided at the introductory meeting.

Format S2

Classification Applied Informatics

Language German

Organizers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel

  • interest in the area of Information Security
  • motivation to thoroughly read scientific articles

Literature Will be announced at the introductory meeting

Further information Come to the introductory meeting or send an e-mail to krausser at or to mantel at

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