Formal Methods for Information Security (Advanced Topics)

This seminar will cover advanced topics related to formal methods for Information Security. Possible areas are

  • access control
  • information flow control
  • language-based security
  • protocol analysis
For each topic, we will provide recent scientific articles. Collaboration in small groups of 2 to 3 students is possible and encouraged.

Registration Central registration for Computer Science seminars.

Date Blockseminar in November/December. The precise date will be decided soon.

Format S2

Classification Applied Informatics

Language English (contact the organizer in advance if you have a strong preference for giving your talk in German)

Organizers Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel

  • interest in the area of Information Security
  • motivation to thoroughly read scientific articles
  • course: formal methods for information security (SS'06)
  • Interested students who have not attended the above course may apply if they have a very good background in formal methods.

Literature Will be announced at the introductory meeting.

Further information Send an e-mail to mantel at

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