Formal Methods for Information Security (Lecture, SS 06)

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Course Material

Exam Thursday, July 6th, starts at 9 am

  • you bring a pen, a watch, a valid picture ID (passport), your student ID, and yourself
  • we bring everything else including the exam and paper
  • you do NOT bring books, notes, electronic equipment, ...

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Ing. Heiko Mantel

The course will survey the formal approaches that have been proposed for the specification and verification of information security. We will discuss the principles and techniques underlying formal methods for the analysis of security-sensitive systems and applications, covering topics such as:

  • basics of formal methods for security (principles and techniques)
  • modeling, design and verification of security protocols and systems
  • access control and security models
  • information flow control
  • secure public-key infrastructures
  • probabilistic methods
  • security in distributed systems/secure middleware

Time and Place
  • Tuesday, 13:15-15:00, AH I
  • Thursday, 09:00-11:00, AH II

Format V3+▄1

Classification Applied Informatics

Language English

Organizers Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel

Prerequisites Knowledge of Computer Science and Mathematics from "Grundstudium Informatik" or from a Bachelor Course in Computer Science, in particular in
  • formal languages and calculi
  • mathematical logic

  • Various journal/conference papers.
  • M. Bishop: Computer Security, Pearson Education, 2003.
  • D. Gollmann: Computer Security, Wiley, 2000.

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