Seminar: Current Topics in Usage Control

Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel
in the MAIS secretary (S2|02, E318)
see additional information for participants


When treating confidential data, regulations claiming that the access to the data should be limited and controlled usually have to be considered. One way to formulate these regulations are access control policies (e.g. Chinese Wall). Usage control policies even go beyond access control policies by not only constraining the sets of access rights but also the terms of usage (e.g. for what purpose, how often, during which time period). In the presence of such regulations, the need for developing appropriate mechanisms to enforce security policies arises, especially in the context of untrusted code.

In this seminar, current research papers capturing security policy languages, static verification of policy conformance prior to program execution, and runtime enforcement mechanisms will be presented.


Additional information for participants can be accessed using the internal password (contact us).

Last modified on 22 October 2012.

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