Formal Specification

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel
Form: Block seminar on 12-13.12.2013; one paper, one talk, and one report (with guidance)
Registration: via TUCaN (20-00-0382-se), Miriam Rifai-Schön (S2|02 E318), or Jinwei Hu, Ph.D. (S2|02 E322)
Literature: will be announced during the preparation meeting
Preparation Meeting: Wednesday 16.10.2013 16:00 at S2|02 A313
Seminar Schedule: Thursday, Dec 12th 14:00 – 17:15 at S202 Room A313 and
Friday, Dec 13th 13:30 – 16:45 at S202 Room E202
see internal area for details

Internal area for participants


Computer systems will contain errors, as long as program requirements are formulated in an ambiguous human language and as long as programs are implemented by humans who are not insured against possible carelessness or misunderstandings. For the time being, the only way to guarantee absence of errors in a computer system is to exploit rigorous formal methods of mathematics for specifying the intended behavior of a system and for proving that the actual implementation of the system has the desired behavior.

In the seminar we will consider articles describing how formal methods (e.g., logics, calculi, and game thoeries) can be applied for the precise specification of selected systems, e.g., processors, compilers, and operating systems.

Participants of the seminar can use the opportunity to apply the studied techniques in the lab course "Modeling Lab", which will take place in the same semester. However, the seminar and the lab course can also be taken individually.

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