MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel
S2|02, E302
Tuesdays, 14:25h
Date Speaker Title
14.04.15 Ali Asghar Noroozi Model Checking Secure Information Flow for Concurrent Programs (invited talk)
21.04.15   no talks
28.04.15 Jinwei Hu Enforcing Usage Constraints on Credentials for Web Applications (trial talk)
05.05.15 Roberts  Kolosovs

Moritz Tiedje
Soundly Extending the Scope of a Security Analysis for Java by Program Rewriting (B.Sc. final talk)

Design and Evaluation of Profiling Methods for the Distributed Enforcement Mechanism CliSeAu (B.Sc. final talk)
12.05.15 Jinwei Hu Service Automata: Foundation, Implementation, and Applications (trial talk)
moved to 07.07.
26.05.15 Markus Tasch Towards Guaranteeing Information Flow Properties by Architectural Design (M.Sc. final talk)
02.06.15 Matthias Perner
Towards a Requirements Language for Information-flow Security
09.06.15 A. Starostin, A. Weber, X. Yin Side-Channel Analysis at MAIS: The Current State
16.06.15 Steffen Lortz
Minimal Security-Type Inference for Information-Flow Control in Java
23.06.15 Matthias Perner

Alexandra Weber

Xucheng Yin
Using Dynamic Pushdown Networks to Automate a Modular Information-flow Analysis (trial talk)

Secure Refinement of Cryptographic Algorithms (trial talk for short talk)

Secure Refinement of Cryptographic Algorithms (trial talk for short talk)
30.06.15 Cristian-Alexandru Staicu
Do Implicit Information Flows Matter? An Empirical Study (invited talk)
07.07.15 Artem Starostin

Johannes Schickel
Transforming Out Timing Leaks, More or Less (trial talk)

Using File Correlation to accelerate Decision-Making in a Decentralized Cooperative Security Enforcement (M.Sc. intermediate talk)
14:25, E302
Peter Schwabe
(Radboud University Nijmegen)
Verifying ECC Software (invited talk)
14.07.15 David Schneider
Certifying the Security of Android Applications with Cassandra (trial talk)
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