MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel
S2|02 E302
Tuesdays, 14:25
Date Speaker Title
18.04.2017 Yuri Gil Dantas An Experimental Study of a Bucketing Approach
25.04.2017   MAIS-internal discussion
02.05.2017   Talks at the CROSSING retreat
10:30, A213
Brigitte Pientka
McGill University
Beluga: Establishing Trustworthy Computing through Programming Proofs
16.05.2017   Talks at the CROSSING conference
23.05.2017 Florian Dewald Establishing Trust in a Timing-Sensitive Information-Flow Analysis for AVR Assembly Programs
30.05.2017   MAIS-internal discussion
06.06.2017 Marco Guarnieri
ETH Zurich
Securing Databases from Probabilistic Inference
13.06.2017 Alexandra Weber A Systematic Study of Cache Side Channels across AES Implementations
20.06.2017 Alexandra Weber AVR Processors as a Platform for Language-Based Security
09:15, E302
Sascha Fendrich
Universität Bamberg
Error-Preserving Modal Interface Automata
27.06.2017 Kai Engelhardt
A Better Composition Operator for Quantitative Information Flow Analyses
14:30, E302
Benjamin Richter Weak Memory Models: From Axioms to Execution Steps
(M.Sc. thesis intermediate talk)
04.07.2017 Matthias Perner TBD
11.07.2017   MAIS-internal discussion
18.07.2017   MAIS-internal discussion
17:00, E302
Rob van Glabbeek
Modeling Shared Variable Concurrency in Process Algebra
28.08.2017 Alexandra Weber AVR Processors as a Platform for Language-Based Security
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