MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel
S2|02 E302
Tuesdays, 14:25
Date Speaker Title
18.10.2016 Various Speakers Talks at the CROSSING Retreat
25.10.2016 Richard Gay Research Progress
  Sebastian Ruhleder Specification Languages for Information Flow
  Ximeng Li, David Schneider, Markus Tasch RIFL: Achievements & Outlook
01.11.2016 Ximeng Li Temporal and Spatial Nonlocalness in Information Flow Security
08.11.2016 Alexandra Weber Leakage Bounds on Cache Side Channels: The Case of AES
14.11.2016   Internal Session
22.11.2016 Johannes Schickel Research Progress
29.11.2016 Iva Toteva Advancing Tool Support for the Detection of Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Java
  Yuri Gil Dantas Dynamic Security Enforcement based on Business Decisions
02.12.2016 Goran Doychev Rigorous Analysis of Software Countermeasures against Cache Attacks
06.12.2016   TBD
14:30, E302
Tobias Hamann, David Schneider Cassandra + CliSeAu for Precise, Efficient, and Sound Inter-Application Information-Flow Control on Android
  Ximeng Li, Markus Tasch Compositional Permissive Communication Security using Assumptions
20.12.2016 Matthias Perner Noninterference for a Subset of ARM's ISA with Relaxed Consistency Guarantees
    Christmas break
10.01.2017 Yuri Gil Dantas, Tobias Hamann
An Experimental Study of a Bucketing Strategy
17.01.2017 Jan Nordholz Design and Provability of Statically Configurable Microhypervisors
24.01.2017 Rune Fiedler Towards Precise Treatment of Inter-Procedural Implicit Information Flow in Android Applications
  Ximeng Li, David Schneider, Markus Tasch RIFL: A Uniform Language for Information-Flow Requirements and Assumptions
31.01.2017   MAIS-internal discussion
07.02.2017   MAIS-internal discussion
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