MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel
S2|02 E202
Tuesdays, 14:25
Date Speaker Title
11.10.2017 Alexandra Weber Bounding the cache-side-channel leakage of lattice-based signature schemes using program semantics
17.10.2017 Markus Tasch A Benchmark Suite for Information-Flow Security
Benjamin Richter
From Axioms about Relaxed Consistency to Executions in an Operational Model
16:30, E202 Manuel Cremer Test Cases for Detecting the Lucky 13 Vulnerability with SPASCA
  Maximilian Scheid Effects of Processor Optimizations in a Raspberry PI on Possible Results of Multi-Threaded Programs
24.10.2017 Thomas Höhl Proving the Soundness of Cassandra's Security Type System in Isabelle/HOL
27.10.2017 Christian W Probst Risk Assessment for Socio-Technical Systems
02.11.2017 Johannes Schickel Towards Accelerated Usage Control based on Access Correlations
14.11.2017 Ximeng Li
Taming Message-passing Communication for Compositional Reasoning about Confidentiality
21.11.2017 Yuri Gil Dantas, Tobias Hamann An Experimental Evaluation of Bucketing in Practice
28.11.2017 Various Speakers Discussion
05.12.2017 Görkem Kilinç
Formal Notions of Non-Interference and Observable Liveness for Distributed Systems
12.12.2017 Malte Lochau
Unifying Modal Interface Theories and Compositional Input/Output Conformance Testing
    Christmas break
MAIS-internal discussion
23.01.2018 Samuel Weiser
From Software Side-Channel Attacks to Countermeasures
26.01.2018 Florian Dewald
Thomas Höhl
Exploring the Robustness of Executable Dependency Graphs
Formal Semantics of Design Patterns
06.02.2018   MAIS-internal discussion
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