Graduate Seminar

Organizers: Prof. H. Mantel, Prof. H. Veith, Prof. Chr. Walther

Location: Room S2-02 / E302
Time: Tuesday, 16:25-18:00

The talk by Henning Sudbrock (Monday, 26.5.) starts already at 16:00. 

 Datum Name
 13.05.2008 Michael Tautschnig  FShell: Systematic Test Case Generation for Dynamic Analysis and Measurement 
 26.05.2008, 16:00  Henning Sudbrock
Information-Theoretic Modeling and Analysis of
Interrupt-Related Covert Channels 
 03.06.2008 C. Hammer/Universität Karlsruhe  Präzise Informationsflusskontrolle in Programmabhängigkeitsgraphen mit Deklassifikationen 
 10.06.2008 Alexander Lux Relating Dimensions Who and Where of Declassification 
 17.06.2008   kein Vortrag  

23.06.2008 / 10:30 

 Room A 213

Dr. Swarup Mohalik, General Motors, Bangalore/India Automata for epistemic temporal logic with synchronous  communication
 24.06.2008 Markus Aderhold  Synthesis of Induction  Schemes for Procedures with Second-Order Recursion
 01.07.2008 Johannes Kinder  Jakstab: A Static Analysis Platform for  Binaries
 08.07.2008 kein Vortrag   
kein Vortrag


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