Reading Group: Runtime Monitoring

Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel
in the MAIS secretary (S2|02, E318)
see additional information for participants


  • Security policies for usage control
  • Runtime monitoring and different enforcement mechanisms for security
  • Formal models and security guarantees
  • Implementations and optimizations

See also the module description

Additional information for participants can be accessed using the internal password (contact us).

Date/Time Room
11.05.2011 16:30
S2|02 A213
K. Sen, A. Vardhan, G. Agha, G. Rosu: Efficient decentralized monitoring of safety in distributed systems, ICSE 2004
08.06.2011 16:00
S2|02 A213 F. Yan, P.W.L. Fong: Efficient IRM enforcement of history-based access control policies, ASIACCS’09
29.06.2011 16:00
S2|02 E302 M. Huisman, A. Tamalet: A Formal Connection between Security Automata and JML Annotation, FASE 2009
06.07.2011 16:00
S2|02 E102 K. W. Hamlen, G. Morrisett, F. B. Schneider: Computability Classes for Enforcement Mechamisms, ACM TOPLAS 2006
20.07.2011 16:00 S2|02 E202 M. Bartoletti: Usage Automata, Book Foundations and Applications of Security Analysis, 2009, LNCS Vol. 5511, pp. 52- 69

I. Aktug, M. Dam, D. Gurov: Provably Correct Runtime Monitoring, JLAP 2009

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