Secure Coding Lab

Organizer: Dr. Markus Aderhold
TUCaN ID: 20-00-0656-pr
Registration: Please register in TUCaN and in addition with Markus Aderhold in room E319.
Preparation Meeting: Thursday, April 12, 16:15–17:55 in room S2|02/E302
Regular Meeting: Wednesday, 16:15–17:55 in room S2|02/E302


Secure coding guidelines describe best practices for the implementation of programs. By following these guidelines, developers can generally improve the security and the robustness of implementations.

In this lab course, we will build a framework for an automated analysis of source code with respect to selected secure coding guidelines. The framework will be implemented in Java. Topics include:

  • formalizing secure coding guidelines
  • runtime analyses for secure coding
  • static analyses for secure coding


Information for Participants

Further information for participants of this lab course can be found in the password-protected area.

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