Formal Methods for Security Engineering (Seminar)

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel
Form: Conference Seminar
Registration: Please contact Ms. Kraft.
Literature: will be announced during the preparation meeting
Preparation Meeting: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 16:30 in S2|02/E202
Contact: Please contact Markus Aderhold for further information.


During the development of security-critical systems one needs to consider aspects like confidentiality, integrity, and availability in addition to functional requirements. Therefore, current research investigates how security requirements can be formally specified in an adequate way and how one can ensure that a system meets its requirements throughout the development process.

In this seminar we will consider formal methods that support security engineering. The seminar will be held as a conference seminar: Participants will review scientific articles on the topic of the seminar and will present research results as in a scientific conference. The language of the conference seminar is English. 

See also the description of the module.

Information for Participants

Click here to access information for participants of the seminar.

Last modified on 11 May 2010.

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