Seminar: Software Security for Mobile Devices (Summer Term 2013)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel, Dr.-Ing. Artem Starostin
in TUCAN and at MAIS Secretary (S2|02 E318)
Seminar dates:
Block seminar on 23-24.05.13
Preparation meeting:
Wednesdays, 17.04.13, 16:15 in S2|02 E302

When and Where?

The seminar will take place on Thursday, May 23rd, 14:00-17:15 in E302 and on Friday, May 24th, 9:00-12:15 in E202.


This seminar aims at establishing a link between two hot topics in computer science: The first topic is the security solutions and known vulnerabiltities on modern mobile devices. The second topic is the program analysis for low-level languages, e.g., Java or Android's Dalvik bytecode. Recent research papers from these two areas will be considered in the seminar. Part of the seminar will be devoted to a discussion on how techniques from the area of program analysis can help to improve the state-of-the-art security on mobile devices.

Internal Area

Further information for participants is available in the internal area.

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