New Parallel Computing publication - 07.09.21The journal article "Design-Time Performance Modeling of Compositional Parallel Programs" by Fabian Czappa, Alexandru Calotoiu, Thomas Höhl, Heiko Mantel, Toni Nguyen and Felix Wolf has been accepted for publication in the Parallel Computing journal.

New publications in Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security - 07.09.21We have two new publications in the Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security: "Information Flow Policies" and "Information Flow and Noninterference" by Heiko Mantel.

New ICPP publication - 16.06.21The paper "Tool-Supported Mini-App Extraction to Facilitate Program Analysis and Parallelization" by Jan-Patrick Lehr, Christian Bischof, Florian Dewald, Heiko Mantel, Mohammad Norouzi, and Felix Wolf has been accepted for publication at ICPP 2021 (International Conference on Parallel Processing).

New ESORICS publication - 15.03.21The paper "Cache-Side-Channel Quantification and Mitigation for Quantum Cryptography" by Alexandra Weber, Oleg Nikiforov, Alexander Sauer, Johannes Schickel, Gernot Alber, Heiko Mantel, and Thomas Walther has been accepted for publication at ESORICS 2021 (European Symposium on Research in Computer Security).

New PostDoc Lars Luthmann - 08.01.21We welcome Lars Luthmann as a new PostDoc in our group!

RiCaSi toolchain is now available - 16.10.20 The toolchain RiCaSi for rigorous cache-side-channel mitigation now has a website. You can find it here.

New Ph.D. Student Tim Weißmantel - 15.10.20We welcome Tim Weißmantel as a new Ph.D. student in our group!

New CANS publication - 16.09.20The paper "RiCaSi: Rigorous Cache Side Channel Mitigation via Selective Circuit Compilation" by Heiko Mantel, Lukas Scheidel, Thomas Schneider, Alexandra Weber, Christian Weinert, and Tim Weißmantel has been accepted for publication at CANS 2020 (International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security).

New ISOLA publication - 12.08.20The paper "A Unifying Framework for Dynamic Monitoring and a Taxonomy of Optimizations" by Marie-Christine Jakobs and Heiko Mantel has  been accepted for publication at ISOLA 2020 (The International Symposium On Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation).

New apprentice René Czerný - 11.08.20We welcome René Czerný as a new apprentice in the group!

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