MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel
S2|02, E302
Tuesdays, 14:25h
Date Speaker Title
19.04.2016   Discussion
26.04.2016 Hoang Duong Nguyen Empirical Evaluation of Side-Channel Mitigation on a JVM with JIT-Compilation
(B.Sc. thesis final talk)
  Johannes Schickel Using File-Correlation to Accelerate Decision-Making in a Decentralized Cooperative Security Enforcement
(M.Sc. thesis final talk)
03.05.2016   Talks at CROSSING retreat
10.05.2016 Heiko Mantel Information-Flow Security for Concurrent Programs: Pitfalls, Solutions, and Challenges
17.05.2016   Discussion
24.05.2016   Discussion
31.05.2016 Tobias Hamann CliSeAu for Android Applications: Design, Case Studies and Evaluation
(M.Sc. thesis final talk)
07.06.2016   Talks at the RS3 Practitioner Event
14.06.2016 David Schneider A Tested Formal Semantics of Dalvik Bytecode: Progress and Challenges
21.06.2016 Yuri Gil Dantas Dynamic Security Enforcement based on Business Decisions
  Florian Dewald Timing-Sensitive Information-Flow Analysis of AVR Assembly Programs
(B.Sc. thesis final talk)
28.06.2016 Matthias Perner Information Flow for ARM
  Alexandra Weber,
Xucheng Yin
Leakage Bounds on Cache Side Channels - The Case of AES
05.07.2016 Thomas Höhl Computing Security Certificates of Android Applications in Cassandra
(B.Sc. thesis final talk)
  Iva Toteva Advancing Tool Support for the Detection of Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Java
(M.Sc. thesis intermediate talk)
  Robin Kruppe Formalization of a Time-Parametric Type System In Isabelle/HOL
12.07.2016   Discussion
14:00, E202
Vivek Nigam Towards the Automated Verification of Cyber-Physical Security Protocols:
Bounding the Number of Timed Intruders
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