MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Mantel
S2|02 E302
Tuesdays, 14:25
Date Speaker Title
13.10.2015 Yuri Gil Dantas A Selective Defense for Application Layer DDoS Attacks
20.10.2015 Various Speakers Discussion
27.10.2015 Bart van Delft On Dynamic Security Policies: Specification, Security Conditions and Enforcement (invited talk)
03.11.2015 Eduard Kamburjan Comparison of Two Operational Execution Models for Weak Memory Models
(student project final talk)
Artem Starostin An Automatic Inference of Minimal Security Types
10.11.2015 Various Speakers Discussion
17.11.2015 Various Speakers Discussion
24.11.2015 Various Speakers Workshop on RIFL
13:00, E302
Alessandro Aldini Two Trust-based Applications for the Security of Mobile Devices (invited talk)
01.12.2015 Alessandro Aldini Modeling and Verification of Trust and Reputation Systems (invited talk)
08.12.2015 Friedrich Weber Software-Based Energy-Consumption Measurement for Side-Channel Analysis
(B.Sc. thesis final talk)
15.12.2015 Various Speakers Discussion
Christmas break
12.01.2016 Markus Tasch I-MAKS - Formalizing Information-flow Properties in Isabelle/HOL
19.01.2016 Esfandiar Mohammadi CoSP: A Framework for Computational Soundness (invited talk)
26.01.2016 Tobias Hamann CliSeAu for Android Applications: Design, Case Studies, and Evaluation
(M.Sc. thesis intermediate talk)
02.02.2016 David Schneider A Tested Formal Semantics of Dalvik Bytecode
09.02.2016   No talks
16:00, A213
Ximeng Li Fine-grained Information Flow for Concurrent Computation (invited talk)
Toby Murray Building Highly-Secure Systems at Reasonable Cost - Branching Out with Formal Verification
(invited talk)
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