Offers For Students

R&D Positions and Theses Topics for M.Sc. and B.Sc. students

We offer M.Sc./B.Sc. theses topics and R&D positions for students on all of our research areas.  We do not advertise detailed topics on-line, but prefer to discuss possibilities by e-mail and/or in personal meetings (naturally, on-line during the pandemic).

If you are interested in writing a thesis or in an R&D position with us, contact any scientist from the MAIS team stating your interests and your relevant prior qualifications.  If you are not sure which of our research areas interests you most, you may contact multiple scientists (in the same e-mail) or, alternatively, simply contact Alexandra Weber ( or any other MAIS scientist and he/she will involve other scientists whose interests might fit.

To find more information on possible areas and suitable contact persons, click here.

Teaching Positions and PiDL for M.Sc. and B.Sc. students

  • student tutors for the lecture MoSeS
  • student tutors for contributing to our teaching material
If you are interested in a tutor position or want to learn more, simply contact Tim Weissmantel ( stating in which position you are interested and what your relevant prior qualifications are.
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