MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel

S2|02, E302
Tuesdays, 14:25h
Date/Time Speaker Title
 24.04.2012 Abdullah Abdul Khadir An Overview of Datalog and Extensions
 08.05.2012 Lucas Rothamel

Timo Bähr,Jan Keller
David Schneider,Alexandra Weber
Formalization of Android Inter-application Communication

A Certifying App Store on Android
 15.05.2012 Richard Gay
SACo: A Tool for Composing Service Automata to Encapsulate Java Programs

 29.05.2012 Matthias Perner

Daniel Staesche
Scheduler-Independent Declassification

Security Preserving Refinement of CSP Specifications
 05.06.2012 Frank Hadasch Studying User-Caused Information Leaks: results of an empirical interview study, design of an user experiment, and prototype of a policy modeling environment
 12.06.2012 Sylvia Grewe

Steffen Lortz
Towards a Framework for Soundness Proofs of Type Systems in Language-based Information-flow Security

Robustness of Information Flow Security Under Refinement of
Synchronization Primitives
 19.06.2012 Abdullah Abdul Khadir
Delegating to Complete Complex Tasks Elegantly and Efficiently
 03.07.2012 Tobias Freudenreich
Event-based Systems: Enabling Future, Distributed Applications
 10.07.2012 Björn Bartels Verification of Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems and Their Low-Level Implementations using Timed CSP

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