MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel

S2|02, E302
Tuesdays, 14:25h
Date/Time Speaker Title

01.11.2011 Tobias Plötz  
Confidentiality of Values in the Modular Assembly Kit for Security (MAKS) (Bachelor Thesis)

15.11.2011 Sven Amann
Towards a Policy Language for Runtime Enforcement of Data Flows
22.11.2011 Artem Starostin
MAIS Android Lab
29.11.2011 Patrick Metzler
Artem Starostin
On timing channels in the presence of branch predictors
 Future possibilities in research on timing channels
06.12.2011 Richard Gay, Sarah Ereth
On the Runtime Monitoring Reading Group
13.12.2011 Abdullah Abdul Khadir A Primer on Descriptive Complexity
10.01.2012 Steffen Lortz Robustness of Information Flow Security Under Refinement of Synchronization Primitives
17.01.2012 RS3 Staff Meeting
24.01.2012 Felix Klaedtke Policy Monitoring with First-order Temporal Logic
31.01.2012 Prachi Kumari Deriving Implementation-level Policies for Usage Control Enforcement
07.02.2012 Jens Sauer Information Flow Security in Systems With Two Processors
14.02.2012 Dimiter Milushev Towards Incrementalization of Holistic Hyperproperties

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