MAIS Graduate Seminar

Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel
S2|02, E302
Tuesdays, 14:25h
Date/Time Speaker Title
16.10.2012 Daniel Schoepe

Alexandra Weber
Compositionality of Information Flow Security with Assumptions and Guarantees in Isabelle/HOL

A Formal Model, a Noninterference Condition, and a Sound Type System for a Certifying Application Store
23.10.2012 Alexander Gebhardt
Monitoring C Programs by Finite State Machines
30.10.2012 Andre Seffrin A Process-Algebraic Approach to Security-Aware Scheduling of Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration on FPGA Devices
06.11.2012 No Talks
13.11.2012 Various

Demos and Poster (MAIS internal session)

20.11.2012 Jinwei Hu
Access control policy management
27.11.2012 No Talks  
04.12.2012 Dominik Bollmann

Jan Mundo
Security Type Inference for the Type-based Information Flow Analysis of Java Programs

Analyse von C-Programmen bezüglich Secure Coding mittels LTL-Modelcheckern
11.12.2012 Christoph Feller
The MoveSpaci Project and an Actor Model for I-MAKS
18.12.2012 Sylvia Grewe Towards a Framework for Soundness Proofs of Type Systems in Language-based Information-flow Security
25.12.2012 Christmas Break
01.01.2013 Christmas Break  
08.01.2013 Christmas Break  
15.01.2013 No Talks
22.01.2013 Richard Gay,
Jinwei Hu
Service Automata - A Vision
29.01.2013 Sogol Mazaheri

Daniel Specht

Florian Wendel
Race Conditions in Distributed Enforcement at the Example of Online Social Networks

A Formal Model and Tool for Data Flow Security in Computer Networks

An Evaluation of Delegation Strategies for Coordinated Enforcement
05.02.2013 No Talks

Simon Reinhardt

David Schneider
Implementation and Evaluation of a Module for Type-based Information-Flow Analysis of Multi-threaded Android Programs
Instance-Specific Security Domain Assignments in Sequential Programming Languages

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