Secure Refinement of Cryptographic Algorithms (CROSSING Project E3)

The project "Secure Refinement of Cryptographic Algorithms" is part of the DFG Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) 1119: "CROSSING". It is project number E3 in the project area "Engineering" of CROSSING.

Link to the official CROSSING webpage of this project: CROSSING Project E3


Cryptographic algorithms often become insecure because vulnerabilities are introduced while refining these algorithms to implementations.  Side-channels, like differences in running time of a program depending on secrets, constitute an infamous class of implementation-level vulnerabilities. Our overall objective is to improve the trustworthiness of cryptography on the level of implementations, and, in particular, to detect and mitigate side-channel vulnerabilities.  The results will include novel program analyses, a security analysis tool, accompanying soundness results and guidelines for implementing cryptographic algorithms securely. 

Overview of Project Cycle

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